(Only available from ‘Swindlers Alternative Medical Center’)
Phonoliquate Your Thrimbles.
Feeling tired ? washed out ? depressed?
If I asked you if you had ‘phonoliquated your thrimbles’ recently, you probably wouldn’t have the faintest idea what I was talking about! Or indeed have heard of Doctor Hugo Munchousen’s revolutionary new complimentary therapeutic research! Details of Hugo’s extraordinary discovery of and treatment of the illusive ‘inner thrimble’ are available here under the umbrella of ‘Swindler’s Private Health Care’ initiatives. Together with a price list for the various treatments that are now available from our catalogue, ‘Buy now while you still have the money!’
(Incidentally, Doctor Munchousen has recently had an article published in the North Somerset ‘Lancet’ explaining the moment when he discovered the transobfuscational thrimble membrane!)
But don’t take our word for it, just listen to what grateful recipients of Hugo’s treatment have to say themselves.

The Reverend Oral Ramsbottom. “Philosophically speaking, phoniliquating my thrimbles has changed the way I drink!”
David Cameron. “Before leaving Downing Street I phoniliquated my thrimbles!, thus emboldened I then set out for Brussels, the rest of course is History!”
Wing Commander Toby (Ginger) Trubshaw (retired) “After trying a phoniliquation treatment for the first time I can honestly say-…my bowels will never be the same again!”
Dame Vera Lynne “I thought my swinging days were over until my thrimbles were phoniliquated by Doctor Munchousen!” Such a charming man aswell!!!